ALT & INDIE ROCK with DROP D - Podcast 037

July 11, 2017

Our latest Podcast (Podcast 037) is now available via Podbean, Stitcher, TuneIn, & iTunes! 


The ALT & INDIE ROCK podcast is now released as part of the SO WHAT’S NEW? New Releases Show on UNDISCOVERED ROCK RADIO.

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From The Inglorious Unbecoming (April 20th 2017)

01 Oath of the Forked Tongue
02 Find Fear

BELROSE (Brisbane, Australia)

From their debut EP Your Entertainment (May 21st)

03 Caught In A Moment
04 The Ballad

GATE (London UK)

From their 2nd EP Sinner 24/7 (May 17th)

05 Sinner 24/7
06 Molecule of madness

MATUA TRAP (Belfast, Nth Ireland, UK)

From their debut album Thunderous Silence (May 18th)

08 Tephra
09 Glossolalia

BEARS IN CLOUDS (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

From their 2nd release Antiparty (April 24th)

09 Nightwalkers
10 Early Morning


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